About Us

Smoking Since 1931

Whether you knew her as "Smokehouse Sally" or Mrs. Peters, she smoked fish in South Florida for over fifty years.

The legend of Mrs. Peters began in 1914. Undaunted by men's work, she learned early how to clean fish dockside, thus perfecting a skill which is still the envy of many professional fishermen.

In 1931, Sally and her husband, Bill, built their own smokehouse in Miami which became the largest smokehouse in Florida.

Sally and her husband Bill later moved north to Jensen Beach and built a smokehouse where they continued to produce Mrs. Peters Famous Smoked Fish fillets.

In 1974, Mrs. Peters sold the business to the Werles but agreed to stay on and teach them the Mrs. Peters method of smoking fish. Sally was 72 years old then. Nothing ever bothered the gray-haired lady with the sea-blue eyes; she just had the best disposition. She was comfortable with customers, swapping fish stories with them or telling tales that made people laugh and set here dangling fish earrings (her personal trademark) swaying as she joined in. She drove an almost antique vintage Ford; like "Barney Oldfield" we'd jokingly say, arriving for work with a jovial laugh, a stylish new hair-do, new earrings, pin or necklace, many of which she made herself, and always eager to meet the first customer of the day.

Not much has changed at the Smokehouse and we continue to smoke fish the way Mrs. Peters taught us, using open racks over direct heat and smoke generated from hardwood found locally. The consistent quality of the Kingfish and other fillets has been maintained and the Mrs. Peters method is taught to every new employee who watches over the smokehouse.